Can't do basic selection mouse gestures. Some items can't get selected

I’m having problems while selecting items.

This is happening constantly. Small lines or objects can’t get selected while drawing rectangles for selection, either from right>left or left>right. Small pieces always are left behind.
As for dotted lines, even if I zoom in really close I can’t select them.

Can someone help me? Is there something I should do?

Hello - are these objects part of a group or block instance? Can you post an example?


Single lines as in the screenshot for this case. I’ve reinstalled Rhino recently and this problem is still happening.

The blue lines from the windows are “left behind”, also the hatches. They are not in a block or a group.

Hi Richard - are the objects far from the World origin?


No. They were a bit off but I’ve moved the whole scene to 0,0,0 and still the same thing is happening.
Here is the file. - Linework.rar (10.5 MB)

Hmm - I do not know - if I make a selection as you show, and Hide, there are no leftovers here. However I see that not everything is in plane - it is possible, maybe, that could mess with selection - try selecting all SelAll and then ProjectToCPlane > DeleteInput=Yes. Does that help at all with the slection?


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I think it does! Didn’t think to check that.

Thank you very much Sir!!