Selection window failing

When I drag a selection window a number of objects within the area are failing to be selected, some more will be selected on the second and third attempts, this is happening across different files and object types but I am mainly noticing it with small curves…

Hello - selection of grouped objects by a window (left to right) selection requires that the entire group be within the window. Right to left (crossing) selection is more liberal - objects/groups can be within or touched by the selection rectangle… does any of that make what you’re seeing make any more sense?


Hi, no, the problem is small items well within the window not selecting (whichever way i drag) brush selection is working fine so i,m pretty sure it’s not the objects themselves…

Hello - if it is file-specific, then please post a file that shows the problem, or send to (confidential) along with a link back to this thread in your upload comments.


Please see below an example file, it doesn’t seem to be file specific as it is happening with all files even when using different templates
selectionissuefile.3dm (6.0 MB)

Hello - it all works as expected here, so far. I’m not sure what to suggest - can you please run SystemInfo and post the results?


@pascal I notice that @Penn90 objects are over 530,000,000 units from the origin. I wonder if that could be the cause of his problems, perhaps linked with the display driver.

Ah - good catch. Works here but I bet that is at least part of the problem.


@pascal So should @penn90 move his objects close to the origin and see if that solves the problem? Would still be worthwhile to see what SystemInfo says.

Yes, that’s right, thanks- - @penn90 - if you move all the objects close to the World origin, does selection work better?


Hi, have moved objects to cplane, still having lines not selected (this has been happening on much more simple files)

is audit what you mean by system info?
m_instance_definition_table[12]->ObjectCount() = 0.
Audit Summary:
0 object errors detected.
0 linetype table errors detected.
0 layer table errors detected.
1 block table errors detected.
0 font table errors detected.
0 dimension style table errors detected.
Table tally:
25 layers
22 instance definitions
1 dimension styles
1 fonts
6 linetypes
25 rendering materials
Object tally:
1328 normal objects
0 locked objects
0 hidden objects
13511 deleted objects (in undo buffer)
346 block definition objects
0 reference normal objects
0 reference locked objects
0 reference hidden objects
0 reference block definition objects
Audit found problems.

Hello - please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino (Help menu).
I see you are using VisualArq - if you temporarily disable that plug-in in Options > Plug-ins, (VisualArq and Tibidalbo plug-ins) and then restart Rhino, does the selection problem persist?


hi, disabling the plugins works… systeminfo doesnt bring anything up when typed into the command line and doesnt appear in my help menu…(I am running rhino 5)

Hello - OK, thanks - V5 does not have SystemInfo - but the VisualArq connection should give us enough to go on.

@fsalla - can you help?


Hi @penn90 , we are aware of this issue when using the Hidden display mode. But in Rhino 6 it works fine.
We will take a look at this issue anyway. In the meantime you can just switch to a different display mode when you need to select all objects.

@penn90 We have fixed the issue of selecting points in Hidden display mode in VisualARQ 2.5 version, that is already available: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.5 released