Selection confusion

When I select by dragging left on certain objects, everything to the left that my cursor hasn’t touched is selected.
It’s treacherous. I was working on a detail for the last half hour or so and, when I zoomed out, everything to the left of the section I was working on had been affected by changes I was making in the detail.

Thanks for any insight you can offer

Selection Problem

Are the objects grouped?

When they are selected, how are they described in the Properties Panel?
In other words, what did you select?

The Properties Panel just says ‘varies’

In the attached -
I was zoomed in to the lines in the upper right
I selected them and I zoomed out to find that the group (block, groups, etc.) in the lower left is selected.
The items in the lower left are a group but the group does not include the lines in the upper right.

Until I get this resolved I have to zoom in and out every time I do anything to make sure I’m not affecting other items in the drawing

Hello - I’d have to see the file. What happens if you click on those lines?


Now left selecting the lines does nothing (other than selecting the lines)
Clicking on the lines gives me an option of curve or group
Selecting group selects the line and the group to the lower left
The group to the lower left was created yesterday, the two lines were drawn 15 minutes ago

What is the best way to upload a file? Using the upload option in this thread?

Hello - if the file is smallish and can be public, upload here via the upload icon or drag and drop, otherwise please send to to my attention and provide a link back here in your comments.


Smallish? A Rhino file?
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Got it, thanks - there is indeed comething cockamamie in this file - there is, somehow, a layout detail in the model space - if you click anyplace on the rectangle there

(the little line just happens to lie on the rectangle, that is why it is all extra confusiing) and see what is selected, at the command line… hm.

RH-62253 Layout: Detail grouped in model space


Definitely beyond my understanding
Yup - ungrouping twice and then selecting from the edge gives me control points (?) of a layout detail.
Thanks for your attention - at least now I know I’m not crazy
Selection Problem3

I can’t figure out how this file got into this state. Was it originally created by importing from some other file format?

All done in Rhino
I copied the geometry (sans the mysterious layout) into a new file and moved on
Thanks for your attention to this