Can't change Font of TextObject via Python

Is this a bug in rs.TextObjectFont or am i doing something wrong?
I would expect both text objects to have the same Font:

code used:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

rs.AddText("I am created as Arial Black",(0,0,0),font="Arial Black")

t = rs.AddText("I am set to Arial Black later",(0,2,0))
rs.TextObjectFont(t,"Arial Black")

Is there a solution via RhinoCommon?
The way rhinoscriptsntax is doing it seems deprecated:
(Here translated to F#)


@Alain - can you help with this?

Hi Goswin,
I logged the issue and you can see a link to the fix in the comments.
Thanks for reporting.

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@Alain thanks for the quick fix