Bug in SR23 RC : Error with adding text objects in python

Hi guys,
@stevebaer @wim

it seems you have changed something that makes adding text objects requiring a font to be defined.
This causes scripts that has worked for over a year to suddenly fail and is a problem.

I don’t think it’s OK to change stuff like that in a minor SR (nor in a bigger update as going from V6 to V7 either actually) since Rhino is more or less auto updated, and thus this causes issues for those who has scripts that uses text objects with default fonts in production.

Note: rs.AddText() says it has font as OPTIONAL.

So if you want to change something then do it behind the scene adding Arial as default if nothing is defined by the user.

Hei Jørgen,
I know there have been bug-fixes for issues with using text strings using scripting. Perhaps one of these had unforeseen side-effects…

Do you know specifically which SR worked one way and which SR then changed? Also, do you have a snippet that I can run to reproduce the issue? I can then try and find out which change cause this to happen.

SR22 works fine.
My brother had “service release candidate” update on, and therefore got the problem while I still don’t :slight_smile: Lycky for you, unlucky for us :wink: (I just added 'font=“Arial” ’ to the two most important scripts for him, but I would dread doing that to ALL scripts we have for Rhino 6 :expressionless:


That’s great; our release candidate system is working as this is exactly what we try to find and fix during the release candidate period. @wim please make a stop-ship YT issue for this and let @Alain know about it.

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Filed as RH-57075.

Hi @Holo . I don’t see the problem. Can you supply a code sample?

Maybe tomorrow, we hurried off to the cabin to do some skiing… :grinning:

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Hi guys, this seems to not be working in the latest SR.
(It worked in the last RC for the SR though…)

I have to add font=‘Arial’ to the rs.addtext() commands again.
Can you check if that is true in your inhouse build too?
I am on Version 6 SR23 (6.23.20055.13111, 02/24/2020)

Hm, something phoney is going on. I restarted Rhino and now the script on a button with rs.addtext() without font=‘Arial’ added suddenly worked. Maybe something is stuck in Rhino’s elevated memory. I’ll restart the computer and check if it still works.

This is strange… now it works, and an hour ago it worked on neither of our machines and I had to update a script, but then the rui file failed to save (since dropbox was busy) and the change was discarded, but now it works. This is odd, so I guess you can ignore this for now, and I’ll keep you posted if I find anything that is repeatable or that otherwise makes sense regarding this.

I did a quick test just to confirm and I don’t see the problem. Yes, please let me know if you can repeat it.

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