Rhino/RhinoCommon TextEntity possible bug

I think i found a possible bug in Rhino/RhinoCommon and this is the way to reproduce it:

  • Create a new document
  • Add a new TextBlock (_Text command)
  • Choose vertical and horizontal alignment (not sure this is mandatory)
  • Choose a font different than “Arial” (i.e. “Times New Roman”)
  • Type a sample text and click “Ok”
  • Double click on text to access the text properties dialog. Now the font combobox says the font is “Arial” again.
    You can find the same “wrong” font name accessing by code the “Font” property of related TextEntity geometry,
    Oddly, it seems to work fine, sometimes…
    Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks to you all…


Hi - I can’t reproduce this here in SR11 RC2 with the steps that you list. Which version are you running?
That said, and for what it’s worth, when you change the font in this dialog, you are overriding the style properties of the active annotation style for this particular part of the text string. Different parts in the same “text block” can have different properties (style-specific default or override).

Thanks, wim.
Mine is V6 SR10… And it doesn’t matter wich part of the text is selected!

Nobody knows how to fix this? @dale?

@software_comas, what @wim is saying is that this may have been fixed already in RC 2 for 6SR11.

Yea - I just downgraded to SR10 (the first one) and saw that the font drop-down reverted to Arial. But trying to do that 2 times in a row didn’t reproduce that. In SR11, as far as I know, I didn’t see that issue. But since it’s not necessarily easy to reproduce, I’m not all that sure at this point…

Hence the usage of the word may :slight_smile:

Would you mind updating to SR11 and test this there? If you can find a reliable way to reproduce this issue, please let us know! I’m unable to get it to do that now…

This is reassuring: now I know the behaviour wasn’t only in my mind! :wink:

Due to company’s policies, I can’t use release candidates. Sorry! :roll_eyes:
Anyway, as soon as it will be a final release, I’ll test it. I have to!
Thanks again, @wim & @nathanletwory

That’s fine. But in the meanwhile, please try to keep track of a workflow that triggers this issue because it might still be in SR11.

I will! I have to solve this!

I assume you meant here that we the devs should solve it… :wink:

:joy: Let’s say we all have to solve this! :joy::sweat_smile: