Bug TextObject

Hi, I recognized, that there is a bug with the transparent command _-TextObject

Once you wanna enter the font it is not working and the command collapses, repsectively it goes on and on to search for the font.



_-TextObject works fine on my computer. I can use any font.

Sorry. Can you show me how you did that?
I am trying to put that into a pyhton script and am despreately trying to make it work.

Hi Tobias - for example:

! _-Textobject Font "Font name" "Text to print" 0,0,0

Keep in mind that you may need chr(34) in place of the quote marks above in a script.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

rs.Command("-TextObject Font " + chr(34) + "Century Gothic" + chr(34) + " " + chr(34) + " some text" + chr(34) + " 0,0,0" )

Does that work?


Hi Pascal.
Thanks SO much for your reply.
It’s working now.

But why do I have to write "Font " (with a space) and if I use any other option like boldness I have to write “Bold=No”

Thanks again.

Hi Tobias - yeah… Bold=Yes/No is a self-contained toggle option and it knows what the possible settings are, but the font setting is taking a string input - a new ‘getter’- I suppose that under the hood it launches a GetString() maybe - another level deep. I’m somewhat guessing but I suppose that is what’s happening.

It’s helpful to have MacroEditor open and play with the string you want to use to see how the command line options like to be handled…


Aye, I see.

Perfect. You saved my day.