rs.AddText() ignores font_style=1

It doesn’t font_style=3.

Try this:

Annotations have changed a lot in Rhino 6 and there are a few ways to create them. Unfortunately there’s seems to be something wrong with the method you’re using and were looking into it. (RH-53086)

In the meantime this also works:

from scriptcontext import doc
from Rhino.Geometry import TextEntity, Plane
from Rhino.DocObjects import Font

text = TextEntity.Create('xYz', Plane.WorldXY, doc.DimStyles.Current, False, 0, 0)
text.Font = Font.FromQuartetProperties("Courier New", True, False)
text.TextHeight = 0.1


What does that mean in this context?

It’s a bump and a bummer combined, 'cause it’s still not fixed. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you will have to spell that out…

lol, I bumped the thread with that message. It’s meaningless. It’s there just to bring the post up once again in hope it gets needed attention.

But I really don’t get it - this issue is fixed. Did you read the YT at all and am I missing something? Did we fix the wrong thing?

Oh, snap, it does say it’s fixed, but it’s not in 6.18.

What it’s supposed to looks like:

The fix was introduced in 6.16 so then this must be something else. Does the text in the YT make sense for what you are seeing?

Yes, it seems like it’s been fixed at least in 6.16, but I can’t remember if it was.

Hi - when we run

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
id = rs.AddText("xYz", [0,0,0], height=0.1, font="Arial", font_style=1, justification=65537)

it appears to be working fine in both 6.18 and the in-house 6.19.
What happens when you run that exact code?

You’re absolutely correct. rs.TextObjectText is what screws this up.

Thanks! I’ve added RH-54742 to the pile.

Trying to workaround this bug. Why does line 5 fail?..

RH-54742 is fixed in the latest Service Release

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