Cant change affinity anymore, nor priority,

Eversince rhino has that dialog box popping up before it starts, i cant change the affinity anymore or set priority to low when rendering, is there any way around this?

Also, since this i cant drag and drop files either,…

Which dialog box?

when you start rhino, you get that windows 8 thing to allow rhino to boot,…

It sounds like a permissions issue to me. You probably have to run Task Manager as an Administrator.

Unfortunately I can’t check to see if I’m right because I don’t have a Windows 8 machine handy at the weekend.

Im not using windows 8, 7 here but ill check later, youre probably right, but how about the drag and drop?..

It sounds to me like you have checked “Run as administrator” on the Rhino.exe properties. That was probably when the dialog started showing up.

Uncheck it and you will be back to normal.

oh my, sorry about that, cant remember i even did that, oh well, thanks :)…