Canoe hull issues

Aloha all,

Looking for advice on a canoe I’m designing. I have a great looking canoe hull that was built using the loft command for one half and then
It was mirrored over to create the hull. The problem I’m having is there is a crease in the rear of the hull along the center. Is there a simple way to adjust the surface And “pull out” the crease or do I have to remodel The hull. Any advice is appreciated.

I would be glad to take a look at your hull and see if I can help. Screenshots here would help.

Without your file or a screenshot to look at, all I can offer is that creases where the two halves of a mirrored object meet invariably result from the two halves not being tangent across the mirror plane. Not only do the mirrored ends need to meet (position continuity) but their directions need to match as well (curvature continuity). The way to ensure this is by (in the case of curves) making the first control point in from the mirror plane on a line that is perpendicular from the mirror plane and collinear with the end point that lies on the mirror plane. It doesn’t need to be very far away from the end point but it does need to meet the criterion I described. By analogy the same thing is true of a surface. I guess I could add that you’ll still get visible creases if you just “think” you’ve met the condition. You best bet to be sure is to construct the beginning of the curve using ortho and snaps where appropriate to get things started, ie: constructing rather than eyeballing. Another approach is to zoom in so far on the end point that your visible cursor movement produces a coordinate change significantly smaller than tolerance and placing your second point on the same coordinate readout at the bottom of the screen, but several tolerance measurements away from the end point in the direction perpendicular to the mirror plane.

Ok guys sorry this took awhile. Any ideas of how to pull this out? Its small here but this canoe is 43’ over all so it will be noticable in the final.

Match surface tangancy average should fix that dip. You may need to do some point editing as well.

It is not necessary to add additional surface along the keel, if you arrange the control points properly.

hmm… but maybe faster i am thinking. but i agree it should work dancing cp’s around either, but then i might not even model it split but the entire hull in one go.

Exactly, the more surfaces you have the more prone to errors it is. (same with the number of control points and fairing :slight_smile: )

It all depends on the ship type, size, purpose, quality…