Help with surfacing


I am trying to surface the attached hull using Curve Network, however the surface that is created does not accurately follow the curves. In particular in the front view you can see that the surface bulges out from the two main curves, running the form. What am I doing to cause this to happen?

Also, is there a better way to create a surface in this situation? I would like the surface to follow the curves quite accurately.Rear gondola curves.3dm (1.7 MB)



I would start by cleaning up your curves. I am thinking that the cross curves should intersect the outline curves. (which they currently don’t) Also I would turn on the curvature graph and make the curves as smooth as possible. Additionally, those cross curves should be symmetrical. The curvature graph shows that some of them are not. Once that is done you could try the loft command using the cross curves. With the loft you will have to tease out the curve for the one end. I am not sure that loft is the right answer but it is where I would start. If it does not give you the results that you want try creating surfaces from just 3 of the cross curves, then join them together. 2 rail sweep may also be worth checking out. I think it is really important that the curves you start with are rigorously created.

Good luck,

Hi Bill,

Thanks, yes. As I was scratching my head I realized what a mess the curves had become. A result of frustration in the wee hours of the morning I guess! I have tidied most of the up and I’m looking at making the hull in two or possibly three pieces. I will report on progress.