Cannot upgrade Rhino 5 user licence to rhino 7 licences

Hi. We are struggling to upgrade a five user seat rhino 5 to Rhino 7. We are doing this on the Rhino site. We have purchased upgrades . On line it says original licence is allocated to different email address, or original licence is not valid. Any help appreciated as this is v frustrating.

Reseller - says “google it” which is not helpful.

Not very eh?

What he should have told you about issues like this is to talk to McNeel support directly, I guess

Sales support will be available at 8am pst. Rhino - Rhino Support

Time to fire that reseller and find a better one.

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Just for your info:

For upgrades the e-mail address used to validate the upgrade MUST be the same as the original. If this is not the case, the validation will fail. If you have changed e-mail addresses since V5, then you need to contact McNeel sales as they are the only ones who have access to the database. Of course a good reseller will offer to contact McNeel on your behalf and change what is necessary.

I first read that as “and charge what is necessary”! :wink: