Reset parameter problems

Dear Rhino.Inside forum Members,

I have problem with Reset element parameters with parameters which was changed during the work or assign in rhino.inside level by using Element Parameters.

When I’ve tried to reset element parameter which I assigned by Element Parameters I’ve received two errors:

  • RhinoInside.Revit.External: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Transaction RolledBack and aborted.

Also Reset Parameter Component couldn’t recognized parameters which are defined in element.

I will appreciate any help.
Reset parameter (8.6 KB)

Can you try one of the alternate ways of getting the parameter you are trying to Reset?

If this is still an issue can you post a purged revit file with your wall and window. Thanks.

On your first question i’m seeing the same Error on a Shared Parameter Value as well. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you for your answer. Now when I used Query Element Parameters component parameter is recognized but I’ve received the same error like before when I tried to reset parameter.

Do you still need Revit file?Any idea how to resolve the problem?Thanks in advance.

I think the issue is a bug, there’s something different about the shared parameter that isn’t being accounted for. If it’s an easy fix it will go into a daily build this week. We’ll post back here with more info once available.


There was a bug when managing Shared parameters.
It’s fixed on the daily build and will be release on 1.6 tomorrow.

Is it possible to have the reset parameters, set parameters to null not zero.

Hi @user2449,

Since Revit 2020 there is a method to do something similar but only works on shared parameters that are created with its ShouldHideWhenNoValue property set to true.

The RiR component calls this method on those parameters, but when this method is not available it sets 0 or empty string as you said.

Can you explain a little bit more on your case here?

When you set a number to a number parameter & then try and remove the number to not make it 0. It wont reset back to Null.

So if you dont set a number into a number parameter it will show empty till you set a number to the parameter.

On the left a number was set and then removed and now it is forced to be 0 but we would like to see this empty not set to zero. To be forced to be set Null.
On the right parameter in the schedule no number was yet set to the parameter, which is null in RIR.


Are you parameters shared and created by RiR?