Remove Empty not removing

Any ideas why it is not working?

See a similar topic here: Remove empty items from lists

It is not working because this tool cleans empty branches, not empty items.

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I read the thread above. It seems like not only me have struggled to understand what EMPTY means :slight_smile:

You can remove empty by text length

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This is really nice!

can you please explain this, " if(length(x)=0,0,1) "

In expression the condition must be like this if(condition,a,b) where a or b is the result R

if length(x) = 0 than R = 0 else R = 1 >>> if(length(x) = 0,0,1)
if length(x) = 0 than R = False else R = True >>> if(length(x) = 0,False,True)