Rhino.Inside.Revit "Element Geometry" component list length mismatch

I guess this is a feature request.

I have a list of Revit Elements where I want to retrieve the geometry and in this case the Family Type.

However, since not every element contains geometry the length of the list of geometry is not equal to list of family type names. This causes a data mismatch.

Is it possible to update the “Element Geometry” component, such that the result is null when geometry is not found? This will cause all list to be equal length, which is desirable for data processing.

Rayaan Ajouz

Rayaan, There are a few of ways to deal with this.

The most standard way would be to use the Null Item component to remove the family/branch from the list. This does require getting Element Geometry first, which is slow.

If you know which type you can filter before the Element Geometry component is used using Exclude Elements component if i recall (i don’t have access to revit at the moment)

Well the component outputs one list of geometry per element, so I can not replace an empty list by a null.

Without the fix

The bug here is the component is not ouputing empty lists for empty elements like it should.

With the fix.


Great Kike, this is exactly what I meant!

Any idea when this fix will be implemented?


If you switch to the Daily updates Channel, it’s already there.

Thnx Kike, you are a legend!

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He is :smiley: