Cannot load "RhinoLibrary" DLL from Python using rhinoinside

Hi all, I’m trying to load the RhinoCommon API to use for Python scripts at a Flask API endpoint; however, when I try to start the Flask API locally, I get the “Unable to load DLL ‘RhinoLibrary’: The specified module could not be found.” error. I have rhinoinside, rhino3dm, and the ghhopsserver installed already. I’ve verified that the DLLs are in my Rhino folder path and that I can load RhinoCommon.

Is there a known solution for this problem or alternatively, is there any way to directly reference the RhinoCommon API as a library similar to rhino3dm or rhinocompute? I would use those libraries instead but they do not offer all the methods/property access as the RhinoCommon API and would require me to refactor all my code.

Here’s my code:
from pathlib import Path
folder = Path()

import rhinoinside
import System
import Rhino.Geometry as rg
import Rhino.Runtime as rr
import Rhino.FileIO as rf

I’ve tried both specifying and not specifying a folder path. Thanks!

@Vincent_Wong Look at this example on this link. Is this the type of Flask app your are looking for?