Cannot launch Rhino5 (86)

Hi all,
I’m having problem launching Rhino 5 (86), no problem with Rhino 4 or Rhino 5 (64), just Rhino5 (86). When double click the icon it just kept me waiting and eventually nothing came out…how do I repair this?


Here’s a link to a support page that will help you figure out the problem:

Good luck

Hello- first, I’d make sure all Rhinos are closed - in Task Manager > Processes, (or reboot) and try again. If you get no action, try starting Rhino in safe mode - there is an icon for that in the Rhinoceros program group. Any luck that way?


I tried rhino5 safe mode, as soon as I double click the icon I saw a splash of the rhino 5 logo for 2 sec and disappeared like application has closed.

Hi - see if running Rhino directly from the Rhino.exe in the installation folder works better-bypass the start screen stuff, in other words. Also, make sure all Rhinos are closed in taskManager before testing.


Hi Pascal,
In C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5.0 I only see 3 folders: Plugins, Profile defaults and System. If I search *.exe the results were Rhino4.exe , InstallLicense.exe, OpenGLTest.exe, RmaErrorReporting.exe, rhiexe.exe and SketchUpConverter.exe. There’s no Rhino5.exe in there.
In Task Manager DRSpawner is there tha’s all.




The Rhino5(x86)'s name is Rhino4.exe for the x64 it is Rhino.Exe
Rhino5.exe does not exist ^^

And it’s hidden in the System Folder.


Hi Jody1989,
So I went in to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5.0\System–> double click Rhino4.exe, nothing happens…


Right-click on Rhino4.exe and select “Run as administrator”. If Rhino is closed too, go check Windows Event Viewer. Maybe Windows has a log about the reason for Rhino4.exe there.

Open Event Viewer

Hi Kelvin,
“Run as administrator” did not work…
In Event viewer:
Summary of Administrative Events—> warning—> under Source–>Mcneel Update Service (verson 5.8), nothing particularly about Rhino4.exe.