Rhino5, 64 bit don't run: error 0xc0150004

I’ve installed rhino 5 on notebook with OS seven 64 bit.
Rhino5 at 32 bit working properly.
But when I try to open Rhino5 64 bit, appears the error message: 0xc0150004.
The OS is updated.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you so much!

Sergio, can you post the complete error message if there is any more to it?



Thanks Pascal,

Hi Sergio- can you start Rhino OK in Safe Mode (there is an icon for this in the start menu -“Rhinoceros 5(64 bit) in SafeMode”


Also in Safe Mode the error is the same…
Thank you for your assistance

Hi Sergio- this error seems to be associated with Dell computers - is that the case here? I do not see any likely looking solutions so far.


Hi Pascal,
I don’t know.
Now I ask my customer.

Hi Pascal,
the notebook is Asus.

Hi Guys. Was this ever resolved?
I’m running Windows 10, and getting the same error when trying to run Rhino 5.0 64-bit.
rhino-64bit error