Cannot import rhino files from drive, Dropbox or via email

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Hi Tim-

You’re right. That last post is confusing.

Some Google accounts are part of businesses/organizations (mine included). There are settings that the administrator of the organization can set for third-party apps access to Google services (like GoogleDrive). I’ve seen situations where administrators have disabled access to GoogleDrive for users and iRhino 3D can’t access the files. I don’t think this is the situation in this case, but I’m not sure.

I think I might also have some bugs (in my code) that are region-specific…these would likely be all on my end, but since I sit in a specific region I have a hard time reproducing and testing these.

I’ll look into this more. Thanks for reporting this.


I have the same issue, dropbox gives no file or folder at all, when I try to log in on googledrive I get a message

  1. That’s an error.

Error: disallowed_useragent

This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent (also known as a web-view). Per our policy, only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google. We offer several libraries and samples for native apps to perform authorization requests in the browser.


Dear Dan,
Do you think McNeel will be able to solve this problem? Its frustrating because I count on being able to show my 3D work to customers on the go, from my iphone or iPad. I have this problem on my iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Both Dropbox and GoogleDrive fails to work. After signing in Dropbox doesn’t show any files at all. Google gives me a notification.

The “Learn more” sais this, which is quite unreadable for me:
Bestand 01-11-17 09 18 45.txt (4.5 KB)

I realy hope you are able to repair this, and would like to know wether you are stil working on the issue or not. In the last case I have to look for an other way of working.
Kind regards Henk Volkers

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Hi Henk-

I remember this issue well (it was a surprisingly onerous fix; presuming it is fixed, that is).

Google authentication was having this problem about 2 versions of iRhino 3D ago and I fixed this issue (Dropbox had no such restriction).

I cannot reproduce it on my iPhone or iPad, I’m afraid. Have you updated to iRhino 3D 2.2.2?


(Dan Belcher) #25

I have this problem on my iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Ah Henk, I think I know what is going on here. You likely cannot update to 2.2.2 because your devices do not support it. I’m afraid we cannot support these older devices anymore as much as we would like to.


The message is from Google, but Dropbox doesnt work aswell, I see no files or folders at all when I log in. I am not able to upgrade to a newer version, perhaps because I have an older type iPhone (5). The iPad

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Yeah, see my above comment. Unfortunately, we can’t support the older non-64 bit devices anymore and the timing of the fix for the 403 issue was unfortunate to say the least. I’m sorry this has broken for you. Despite that patch fix, improving cloud-service syncing is a big priority for me going forward (with what little time I get to spend on iRhino 3D).


Oops, I didnt see your last reaction. That was my conclusion too. To bad, I hate to be forced to buy a new mobile while thisone is fine. Thanks for your reaction Dan.