Cannot get view in Layout visible in "model space"

I understood that Rhino was good for landscape design.
So I am using it on a architecture and landscape design project.
Drawing a section through the landscape, prior to putting a building on it is proving much more difficult than I thought it would be.

View points are seems, relative to either the current c plane or a world coordinate system.
The correct approach for creating a section seems to be set a clipping plane and then set a plan view of the clipping plane.
In model space I could setView> set camera and get the end result I wanted.
However, in paperspace or layout I am finding it impossible to get the view I wanted. If I go to set view and choose the Cplane coordinate system the software does not seem to recognise this. It looks like I am getting the wcs since the buildings I want to view orthogonally are actually being viewed at an angle.
So what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hello - if you want a section curve, the Section command is the one - it section perpendicular to the current CPlane. Or clipping planes , depending on what you want…

Either way, to manipulate the view in a layout detail, first activate (double-click in) the detail.

Any luck?


So do you have to go into detail view and set a new c plane plus plan view exactly as you would in model space?

Hello - yes - that is, if a detail is active you can treat it as a modeling view and do all the same things you would in a modeling view - also, you can create a clipping plane in any view and then set it to be active in any detail view in its Properties.