Cannot Draw anything

(Palkartik25) #1

i downloaded the rhino6 and try to draw something but it get disappears after get created. Solids can be seen in rendered view but in wireframe nothing. What i am missing…
thanks in advance

Everything I draw in Rhino 6 dissappears

Make sure the curves box is ticked in the general settings tab on the right. curves

(Palkartik25) #3

Hi Stratosfear

Thanks for your reply but i am afraid to say it still not working with getting this curve ticked under general settings, as you can see 3 curves and 1 surface has been created as i have select them all but it can be seen in shaded the surface one but not the curves.

(Palkartik25) #4


See i have selected a circle whose control points can be seen but not the curve.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - please try un-checking the setting for ‘GPU tessellation’ in Options > View > OpenGL.
Does that help at all?


(Palkartik25) #6

Hi Pascal.

BINGO!!! Thanks to everyone and specially Pascal :slight_smile:

(Steve Baer) #7

GPU Tessellation is a really nice feature “when it works”. I would recommend updating your graphics card driver if one is available and see if that fixes the problem by turning GPU Tessellation back on.

(Palkartik25) #8

Thanks for your advice stevebaer, i will definitely try and interested to know about it’s feature like what its functions so that i can have its use.

(Steve Baer) #9

This is the feature that massively speeds up drawing of all wires in Rhino.

(Palkartik25) #10

oh i see …i will definitely do then . Thanks again!!