Can you Ctrl+Shift+Alt+double-click?

Rhino 7 documentation ( ) says: To select an edge ring range… Ctrl+Shift+Alt+double-click an edge…
This is keyboard acrobatics for circus performers.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: There must be an easier way!

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I have no problem holding down three keys (Photoshop even uses four keys for frequently used actions)…

Some SubD programs however use doubleclick LMB for EdgeLoop and doubleclick RMB for EdgeRing. While doubleclick RMB would be non-standard in Rhino I think this option might be faster / more liquid for combined selections in U+V than having to change over to another hotkey.

One should think of streamlining selection behaviours though. Subobject selections (also with polysurfaces) seem to work like Toggles ( click or doubleclick again to deselect individual / strip of faces) while Rhino’s traditional Add to and Subtract from Selection differs. Maybe @BrianJ could take a little note? :o)

Creative Rhino programmers can invent easier keyboard shortcuts. Tab key is rarely used. Combining it with Ctrl or Shift would work well. Maybe double-clicking Ctrl key or Shift key is practicable? The CapsLock is nearby but it is not used in any Rhino keyboard shortcuts.

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if you use the subobject filter, you don’t have to hold Ctrl+shift.

This method cannot select edge ring. It can only select a loop.

I think the documentation is a mistake. You only need two Shift and Alt buttons.

Fixed, thanks.

Now the command topics display post-selection, and have links to open the topics of pre-selection and sub-object filter selection mouse actions.

This is not correct. I added the select_loop_ring_subobject_filter.htm topic.

You have to select Sub-objects in the Selection Filter control before you can select the edges.
Rhino edge filter