Can we create SubD objects by drawing our own edges?

Good afternoon; struggling with some complex organic shapes in SubD. I’m trying to sculpt a bracelet with leaves and thistle blossoms. When I extrude an outline of a leaf for example, then SubD fill the hole, then quad remesh, and adjust the mesh I can get a pretty nice smooth fill. But to go in and adjust the edges and vertices to make the leafy looking stems and leafy undulations, well that’s just really really time consuming and not cost effective.

If I could use my freeform curves to define the SubD edges that would really help to make it easier to sculpt within SubD. Is this possible? I can’t see how but thought I would ask.

But if I can’t make this leaf and thistle in Rhino7 all the way, could I create and export an OBJ file from a SubD object…take it into ZBrush? Also should I somehow close the backside of this leaf shape to make a solid mesh first? If so, how? It’s not letting me fill the backside hole on this.

Thanks for any help,
from Nathan Maurer
CarvedMetal, Corp.

Hi Nathan - when you QuadRemesh you can add some curves and use those to guide the remeshing - does that help?


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I will give that a try; thank you!