V7 what PC spec for handling meshes in win10 64bit pro?

currently V5 and with PC spec:-
Win 7 64 bit Pro
Intel® Core™ i7-4790 CPU @3.60 GHz 3.6GHz
32 Mb Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR RAM (claimed to be GOOD) though twice a stick has failed in 4 yrs.
MSI GTX 970 nvidia video card. GDDR5 4GB memory

Monitor Eizo CG247 1920x1200 £1400 of lovely monitor colour calibrated Eizo navigator. All of screen in use as trying a different feed lead I had margins so soon ditched that method !

I am making a move to get win10 and need some advice please.
Q1. Should I go for win 10 Pro 64bit or home 64bit and why ?
Q2. What Nvidia card will be minimum requirement to handle meshes and Rhino V7.
Q3. Ditto just handling V7 for normal work ?
Q4. Ditto if I was to get into applying materials to surfaces ?

The meshes, I have been busy for some years taking overlapping photos of objects ranging from vehicles to trolleys, and also humans. I also have had absolute top quality every minute scratch replicated scans made of 60mm figures., the latter to edit in a mesh editor, no surfacing to be done as organic shapes are best kept that way for 3D printing.
For the mechanical items as well as architectural objects I need to open the meshes made from the photos (Agisoft metashape) and then create surfaces etc over them, to use dimensions and so on and create a standard surface type file, plans etc.
Meshes in V5 make it VERY SLOW , take ages to even open, sometimes they wont open.
Clearly what I thought was my Rhino V5 PC isnt ! though was built for such as a brief to the PC builder.

Q5. GTX cards have moved on, given the bad experience of meshes and V5, is the secret in the card or what ?
GTX 3080 I hear of, but there is zero supply of such, something to do with mining, whatever that is !

Q6. What spec should I be looking for, I reckon the existing Gigabyte motherboard (4 sockets for ram) , not enough usb outlets, and CPU will have to go as well, as 4yrs is a long time am I right ? originally to keep costs down I was hoping to take off win7 and install win10, PC was built Oct 2016.
There is always infantile death of components so a new MBd might fail.

GPU MUST BE QUIET RUNNING QuietPC.com components throughout but we are stuck with what fans the GPU has, and an aim for quiet isnt always on their cards when developing for performance. Has to be Nvidia for flight sim by the way.



Hi, anyone ?
I am unable to make a move without advice and need such to go with V7 I am purchasing.



for rendering and viewport realtime render you need an rtx 3000 series cards and you shoud pay attention for Vram capacity depends on your work load
and for cpu processeing I recommend new AMD 5000 chips they are better than intel for multithreading and single thead too
and yeah the u need of course NVM2 or ssd to help your pc boast in 2 or 3 seconds and it aslo help the other specs to work faster and the Ram of course, the larger, the better and I recommend 32 GB of ram for complex work