Can the dimension adjustment be deactivated?

Hello everyone. I want to dimension a building footprint. The paper size would be A0 and I want to apply the 1:200 scale. How would I do that? If I dimension the floor plan at a scale of 1:1 and then scale it manually at a scale of 1:200, the dimensions are automatically adjusted. I don’t want this. I want the real dimensions, not the scaled dimensions. I hope you understand me. Many Thanks.

Do not scale your model - always keep it at 1:1.

You are going to want to create a layout page of the building footprint, size A0. You can then create a detail on the layout page at 1:200. Do your dimensioning on the layout page - it will show the real 1:1 dimensions.

See the online help/tutorials for layouts.

You can also print directly at a desired paper size and scale without creating a layout.
Make the viewport which you want to print the active viewport.
Print command Rhinoceros Help
Select the paper size
Select the scale

I don’t know how to scale the floor plan to 1:200 after dimensioning without changing the values. Can you help me pls?

Just watch one of these, that’ll probably answer your question: