Can’t figure out a simple join command for the life of me

I for the life of me cant figure out why I cant merge 3 objects (that are touching) together into ONE single object so that when i export it to keyshot I get 1 file and not 3

What is the specific command to use in this case ?

P.S When I click the object in rhino, it still selects all (assuming they are somehow linked but not literally fused yet?)

dear @lp11 - welcome to the forum.
please post the rhino / .3dm file - just drag it to the edit window.
if the file is complex / big - copy paste the objects in question to a new file or File → Export selected.
kind regards -tom

They’re probably Grouped. Depending on what kind of objects they are, you might need Join (for a collection of simple surfaces) or most likely BooleanUnion (for a collection of overlapping solids).

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