How to Connect 6 Surfaces in Rhino

Hello All,
I have created 6 surfaces of a prismatic member using rhinoscript and i want to stitch them together to make one combined object. _MergeSrf Command will only combine two surfaces.
is not there any single command or way of doing this operation?

Are you able to share the file with anyone? Upload it to the forum. If you can’t perhaps a good picture would help.—-Mark

Join command will join the 6 surfaces into a single polysurface object.

Thanks David.
It worked.

Hello Mark,
David suggested to use “JOIN” command and it worked.
In overall, what i was doing is to create a parametric 3D model in Rhino automatically.
Later on I would like to get it meshed (in volume) and use those coordinates and elements in my structural analysis program.

  • Celal

I did what you told me and used JOIN command to stitch the surface together for one object.
I have like 7 objects making up one bigger object
Is there also a way to stitch all these 7 objects together?

Rhino represents a solid as a closed surface or polysurface. A polysurface is two or more surfaces joined together.

Every untrimmed surface in Rhino has four sides, although one, two or three sides can have zero length.

Every surface in Rhino is described using two parameters, u and v. u is constant along two opposite untrimmed edges, and v is constant along the other two untrimmed edges. \

A surface in Rhino can be trimmed to an arbitrary shape, and can have holes.

Rhino does not represent solids as volumes with three parameters, unlike some “solid modeling” software.