Mesh Join/Union

I am having a lot of trouble merging/joining these meshes together. I have tried several different methods and cannot find a solution. Some of the methods Ive tried is boolean union, changing it back to NURBS and trying to split them with each other and joining them, joining edges, etc. I need the meshes to be seamless since I want to apply a modification to all of it without distinction between the top and the heal/platform. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!!
Thank you

Sorry you have not received any replies. Did you get any help with your problem? The file is not available for download.

I’m having the same issue. I have 2 meshes, one a smaller version of the other which I’d like to combine so I can 3d print a shell as opposed to a big solid chunk. I’ve tried most options that Gabriela mentioned, is there a better way?

Clown Body.3dm (1.3 MB)

You can’t combine objects that don’t touch each other. You have to make them touch in some way. You could hide the smaller (or larger) object, remove the flat base, and use OffsetMesh with the Solid option to make your part.

Hi Margaret, thanks for the tip!



All of a sudden I can’t seem to join meshes on a model I am working on. The command worked fine before. I’ve attached a part of the model to illustrate.



Can you post the file with the mesh in it ( or export the mesh in another file)
It’s much easier to find the cause that way.


Hi Willem,

See file attached. Thanks for looking into this.

RF.3dm (7.8 MB)


the _Join command has an option: JoinDisjointMeshes=Yes
make sure it is set to yes. Happened to me too recently :wink:



Sorted. Thanks!