Can someone with V-Ray render this basic scene for me? I can PayPal you a nominal fee

Hi, I have a very simple array of cubes colored like so (see attached):

That render is from Modo however, but I want to see how the same scene recreated in Rhino, using the same color codes turns out with Rhino V-Ray. As of now in Rhino using its default renderer, everything is much darker than it renders in Modo, so again, I’m curious how V-Ray interprets the same color codes that I used in Modo.

If you have a hot minute and can pop my Rhino array of colored cubes into V-Ray, let me know and I can send you a few bucks via PayPal. If possible, and I don’t really know the settings of V-Ray, but to emulate the Modo render setup as much as possible, I didn’t use any directional lights rather only Enivronment Material emission light (would that be Global Illumination?) set to 2.0 W/srm2

Anywho, let me know if you have V-Ray and a spare minute, I’d really appreciate your help and can pay a bit for it.

I could do that for you but I don’t see the purpose.
There’s so many factors that you can’t compare something like this. The environment, the lighting, the camera settings…

Hey Marc, I agree it’s apples and oranges for sure, but if I can approximate how Modo renders these RGB Hex #'s in Rhino V-Ray and confirm that I don’t have to come up with new colors for my Rhino files, then it will make the project I am working on a bit easier. Without the context, I’m sure it seems weird, and if I had V-Ray I could certainly figure this out myself, but thanks for your assistance.

Let me wrap up what I’m working on and then should I email you the Rhino file with colored cubes or post it here to the forum?

Yep, post it here and I’ll see what I can do.

Okay here are the cubes with the same basic RGB Hex #'s applied to them as were applied in Modo.

Initial Color Palette.3dm (124.4 KB)

This is what I see in basic render mode:

Which is obviously nowhere near the look of the first screenshot that was rendered out of Modo.

If I open the file and hit render, I get this image:

By default, the scene contains an environment based on the HDR image “RhinoDefault.exr” and that’s what is providing the lighting.
The camera settings are: 1/30 sec, F8.0, ISO 100

Okay, that’s a good start. What happens when you bump up the ISO or maybe you would know better how to approximate the same look as the Modo render at the top of the thread? Can you tweak some of the V-Ray settings a bit and see if you can emulate the Modo render screenshot? Otherwise, looks like I’ll have to change the color codes.

Let me know how I can compensate you for your time (e.g. PayPal) – Thanks Marc.

ISO 200 this time, and I oriented the cubes so the lightning better matches your image.
Seems more saturated and with less dynamic range, I’ll do some tests with this.

Okay, maybe spend just a few minutes if you can, but don’t go far beyond that. I’m thinking I should change the color #'s for Rhino, but I’ll hold off until you do one more experimentation here.

Here I changed the color mapping to “Intensity Exponential” with multipliers of 1.0/1.0, removed "affect background to get the white background, changed the aperture to F5.6.

And here, I changed the display mode of the frame buffer to “sRGB”, and the aperture back to F8.

To my eye it’s pretty close but still more saturated. Probably because here the render is illuminated by an image and yours by an uniform value?

Yeah that’s pretty close for sure, but definitely undesirably saturated.

Let me adjust the colors in Rhino first and then send you a new file if that’s okay. I’ll post it here in just a few minutes. Thanks again Marc.

Okay, try rendering this at the V-Ray settings you first used (1/30 sec, F8.0, ISO 100)

Updated file: Initial Color Palette.3dm (123.9 KB)

Also Marc, what is your PayPal recipient handle?

Same settings as the last one, but camera set to 1/30 sec, F8, ISO 100

The image is different in the frame buffer and in Firefox;

Interesting, can you send me the actual rendered image file outputted from V-Ray so I can take a look on my side? But as far as what I see in the browser, it looks pretty dang close to the Modo render.

In fact, if I save the image with a gamma of 2.2, it is as shown here.

Hey not too bad, the white cube is still a bit grey, but that’s fine, and when the time comes a bit of finessing could probably hone it all in. It’s hard to tell what’s ideal from my end without knowing the settings of V-Ray, but I think this gave me a good ballpark feeling for it.

Thanks for your help Marc – can I send you a few bucks via PayPal for your generous assistance?

We’re all here to help!


Well thanks a ton Marc, this has been very helpful.

I will need a series of more complicated scenes rendered in Rhino V-Ray, probably about eight single renders (using these colors). If you’re interested I’d be happy to pay you to cook those up for me, probably in a week or two from now. Let me know if you think you could do that, and if not, no worries. The files are quite heavy (computationally speaking), so they require a pretty beefy rig to load.

Anyway, thanks for your time and assistance thus far.