Can someone explain how print width is made visible now?

I don’t understand how we are supposed to use this without the PrintDisplay command being set to ON - which seems to have been made legacy.

So, I see linetypes have a print width setting that can be set to various values. However Continuous can’t be modified at all - all the others can. I set a curve to, say “Border” and change the line width in the linetype. I try different line width settings for that linetype - pixels, document units etc. - I don’t see any change. I also try setting the line width directly via Properties - still nothing. I thought all this was now supposed to work without the PrintDisplay command?

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I was able to turn it on but now I can’t turn it off anymore?

Here’s a link to a Grasshopper related problem about linetypes:

For me this seems to work with PrintDisplay:

Note that there are independent settings for Model and Layout. See also here

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So PrintDisplay is not obsolete? I thought that line weights were now real-time without it… Guess I misunderstood.