Can Rhino's display be adjust to emulate Fusion 360?

Finally got a chance to test this, and I’m having the same issue with importing the display mode. It seems the settings that John has changed didn’t successfully import. But it was easy enough to follow the conversation and make the necessary adjustments. Here are my results (I did change the ambient light from black to RGB 40, 40, 40 just to lighten it a bit as black seemed a little too dark).


Yes, definitely broken. I cannot import settings either on macOS 12.6, M1 MAX.

Does this one work better?
Sorta like Fusion360.ini (13.9 KB)


wt* is that? do you belt that around your waist and go on site with it or is it for your workshop ?

It didn’t load for me on MacBook Pro - Monterey until I change two lines with a text editor:
added as second line:
and changed the 12th:

Obviously I can’t say why then it loaded, but my idea was to export a custom created profile on my Rhino, then look what differences there was with yours.

If you are referring to the image in the first post, that is a typical set of milling machine workpiece hold-downs (step clamps) - composed of T-nuts that go into the table slots, threaded studs, nuts and washers, strap clamps and step block clamp supports. Most often come in a sheet metal holder like the one shown.

Hi Sergio -

We have that issue on the list as RH-49144 Import ini file fails

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Mitch explained it very well. This was just a model I grabbed from the work holding library in Fusion. It had a pretty good amount of detail so it was a good model to test with.