Can Rhino model any object which polygonal packages like Maya are able to create?


The command you need to use is SubDFromMesh
That gives you the Rhino-nurbs-SubD result.
And you want to convert that to nurbs then use the ToNurbs command.

You also have a SubDivide command that just subdivides the original mesh into 1 or 2 subdivisions.
(can be repeated as many times as you want)




I would like to learn about Boolean operations in SubD (mesh). What in the end are the edges? Can anyone try to subdivide the mesh? If possible, with screenshots …


You’re good! Of course you are acutely aware. I’m just being a tongue-and-cheek wise arse, as usual. Thanks for being a good sport! I know you are a good thinker…

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As stated before…

The whole classic SubD workflow (regardless whether mesh or limit surface based) tries to avoid Booleans at any rate. One plans ahead and if one really needs to cut a hole one needs to rebuild the cage, so that it remains valid. You’ll find many videos on that topic.

Here’s a very simple sample which shows that Boolean operations break the topology – the resulting border triangles make things all lumpy when subdivided.


Sensible when feasible! I thought that’s where you were going.

The ‘desirable’ owned car is likely toast anyway, eventually, for the masses. Mobility via self driving public transport, and ubiquitous uniform pods, all powered by the sun.

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Yup. They held up well, too. Non-FSC mahogany though ; )