Can one add more view labels than just the default four?

See the little screenshot for an example of what I’m talking about – it would be nice to be able to have Perspective | Top | Bottom | Front | Back | Left | Right – all at once.

i also think that might be a good addition (which, as far as i know, is not currently possible)

we have ‘Named Views’ in which you could add more than 4 views (see in the right sidebar- the camera icon… that’s your Named Views panel)… but it’d probably be neat if the custom views could simply go up top there in addition to the 4 default views… then we just click the name up there instead of going in the panel, selecting the view, and restoring the view.
also, the UI space is available for this to happen.

idk, just thinking out loud ; )

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Super annoying coming from other modeling packages where switching views is often done via a key-command pie-menu (in other words, very quickly). I can’t complain however, Rhino is fantastic, I just wish this feature were implemented as you described it.

i came here from sketchup and it was set up in the way i described…

rhino for mac is set up almost the same except you can only have 4 views up top… (at the expense of removing the default ones which are the ones i mostly use anyways.)