Adding Set View Tabs to Toolbar Mac

Beginner here: I see on Windows Rhino there is a small plus icon next to Standard Set Views in Tool Bar, does this add more buttons to Set View Toolbar? If so is there a way to this on Mac?

I would like to have 6 views instead of 4 and although I can right click, pan down to Set View and select a new view I have to undo it every time.

Thanks for your help - other than this - all going smoothly!


Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 22.52.47

As far as I know, in v7 mac it is only possible to create floating viewports. Docked viewports are fixed to 4.

You can still change them via the SetView command as you said, or use the Named Views. If you need to switch view very often with the same settings, using a macro or an alias could be the way to go.