Adjustable curve blend problem in latest Rhino 7

I’m having a problem with AdjustableCurveBlend in the latest Rhino 7, works properly in Rhino 5 and the Rhino 7 before 7.3.21039.11201. The red Adjustable Curve Blend Problem.3dm (65.4 KB) curve created from a curve to a point goes inward even if I press flip

Hello - your curve looks like this here:

and if I edit it, and click Flip 1 it looks like this:

That is what you expect, correct?


I did flip it yet I could not join. It worked just fine in Rhino 5 without flipping, plus I’ve never had to flip before, having done this multiple times a day for years

Hello - the end of the bend curve is not on the end of the input curve. You’ll need to slide that point to the end - note BlendCrv has a command line option to start the blend on the selection point or the end of the curve.


I’m sorry but something is wrong. That I have to flip and move to the endsof the curve I blended from, is not the way it used to work for years. Please look into fixing it. Its a command I use multiple times a day.

Hello- I think your troubles will go away if you set the blend to use the curve end and not the pick location as the start point.


Well, not ALL your troubles, don’t get me wrong.


Thank you, you are right. Must of switched that option to “Blend Point” by accident. Thanks again