Can not import sbsar material


I try zip file sbsar, then import into rhino 7. but it’not work
Need advice!AuAcyL2kNiCPj9tnaay_Maz1tGptZA?e=yvo8hz


Concrete ?
Loads here, but with old hardware a little slower.

This is fabric material.


Hi Travis,
To provide clarity, You have …
Rhino system-requirements

SB-Importer-Plugin trough _PackageManager installed.

and *.sbsar file loaded trough importer with *.sbsar extension ! not as *.zip

And wait until the material is loaded

Oh they release new version. I install new update but error when I restart

Did you see fabric material when imported?


If the Details dialog tells you the ID is already in use you need to remove the old one. To find out the location follow: Tools > Options > Plug-in Manager, select the Substance plug-in, press details link in its info panel, then click the folder path name. It should open the folder where the RHP file is located. Shut down all Rhino instances, then remove the RHP file. Restart Rhino.

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Thank’s nathanletwory

lovely texture :slight_smile:

You should see it with a pattern on it :slight_smile: