Can it be that dimensions auto allocate to a dimension layer?

I am drawing curves and dimensions , if I have dimension layer ticked the dims go where I want them and go green, but the curves also go green and I cant see them, so I am forever draw curve select curve allocate to the object layer.

or alternatively, I have the object layer ticked and keep having to allocate dims just drawn to the green dims layer.

Is it possible for my sanity to have rhino know when a dim is created and allocate it automatically to a layer of my choosing ?

That way I can tick the object layer, draw and see object develop and not have dims also end up on that layer and in same colour as I work, where their lines I think at times are my curves !


Not a bad idea, Steve. There might be some cases where the automatic behavior may cause problems of it’s own, but IMHO that would be pretty infrequent compared to the convenience of the behavior you suggest. And, of course, if no dedicated layer name is provided the behavior would be just as it is now, I presume.

Perhaps a similar feature could be provided for text.

Granted it would be a feature whose sole purpose would be to save the modeler from himself and make things more convenient. This may be contrary to McNeel’s product design philosophy. :wink:

There have been several requests for this, I added this to the system as an enhancement request.

Hi, amazed that it doesnt exist,
I envisage that Rhino knows when a dimension command is used, and that the user can indicate which layer such command resukts get allocated to.

I have more than one layer, dims for one object as a layer subset, so turn off the object and the layers also vanish.

I also have different coloured dims layers for different sources of data, so again need the dims going to the dims layer I have indicated.

Also wish dims could auto BringToFront as user option, no point in having them hiding behind and peeking out etc, normally anyway.


the ability to assign different dimension styles to different layers would also be a nice addition :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

I don’t see how Rhino is going to know the source of your dims so you are going to have to make a layer pick beforehand, unless you mean that that there is exactly one dim source per object layer and it is the choice of object layer that determines where the dim goes. It’d be good to clarify that.


lets say I have three dims layers
dk green dims from manufacturer plans
med green dims resulting from my own measurements on site
light green dims resulting from measurements within rhino.

I am tracing over manuf plan, so select dk green dims layer in the dims auto allocate procedure.
I then tick select my layer for the objects I am creating.
every time I create a dim it goes onto that dk green layer amidst creating objects which go to the ticked layer.

I then come to work with some on site measurements so select med green layer for dims auto allocate, carry on drawing and objects still go to the objects layer.

then I select the light green layer and do some measurements using rhino linear dims and they go to the light green layer, etc. Any objects I draw still go to the objects layer I still have ticked.

Rhino would use some kind of indication of which layer was dimsAutoAllocate.


I like it, good one. AutoCAD doesn’t even have this feature.

In the meantime, use seldim then change the layer for all selected dims in one go.

I added TestDimensionLayer in the v7 WIP for a prototype.
Only works with dimensions made with the Dim command now.
There’s a toggle for whether or not to use a different layer for dimensions.
If you toggle to use a specified layer, there’s a prompt for the layername
The layer is made if it doesn’t exist.
Tell me if it does what you need.

Sounds interesting and thank you for running with this idea.
If it does my last post three dims layers scenario then YIPPEE.
v7 WIP
Do I need to be running V6 before I can try out v7 WIP ?
I wasnt even aware of a v7 WIP we could trial !
still on V5 here as I never go for something until I know its beyond its teething stage, and also havent the funds for V6 at the moment !

I am win 7 64bit pro so will this V7 WIP work ?


I know from personal experience that V7 WIP runs on Win 7 pro 64 bit.
I’m pretty sure that you need to have a V6 license to gain access to V7 WIP.

@Helvetosaur - Can you look at TestDimensionLayer in V7 and see if it does about what you had in mind?

Note that this command now is called SetDimensionLayer.

Nice addition to the toolset. Really handy as I always want all my dimensions to be into the same layer.

Until then I created an alias assigned to the “DD”:
! _SelDim _ChangeLayer _Enter