Set Dimensions Layer + Multiple Dim styles


In Autocad the user is able to set a dimension override so that everytime you draw a dimension, it automatically is set to the specified layer. Can you do this in V6?

Second, in paper space, is it possible to change the dim style to, say, larger than the dims in the model? (I’m sure this is easy)

thank you.


like it!
please put it on the list!

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A dimension style applied to a layer would be great, when using lots of layouts & annotations this would be very useful having the ability to apply different settings to different layers, or maybe it’s already possible ??

is this possible ?

Hello - it is not possible in Rhino. Same for display modes per layer - makes sense, but no (direct) way to do that now.


@brobes05 - you can set dimstyles ‘Model space scaling’, so you’d set the size as you like it for layouts and the apply a scale factor for model space.


This would be a big step in the right direction for those of us who are now using the Make2d with lots annotations in layouts, is there a way to put this on a wish list (or maybe it already is?) :slight_smile:

is setting an annotation style to a layer possible yet ?

Hi - I’ve added your request to open item RH-37832.

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thanks @wim , hopefully we’ll see this one day, even if it is 3 years old now :upside_down_face: