Can I Loft this? & Can I make a facade?

I want this tower loft.

It made three tower combined.

There are parts that overlap.floor. and not

I want to loft building smoothly so I wanna get facade(mesh or surface, either)

Is it possible??? (N=3 three tower overlap, N=2 two tower overlap, N=1 seperately Being independently.) (48.5 KB)

just this?

If not, you should describe your goal more precisely.

hope that helps.

The white group uses curves from earlier in the model (instead of converting the surfaces to curves), then uses Solid Union to join the three capped solids so interior surfaces disappear. (49.1 KB)

Why are the circle start points are in a spiral?

this gonna be help to me

I want to remove the overlapping part.

and then make whole mesh or suface

not mesh one, mesh two …

you show me was fabulous thank y slight_smile:


I saw entwine first and this is so simple


i want to delete this part overlapping part(ineer oart)

and bake one mesh or surface

thank you your replyy :slight_smile:

boolean union and then meshbrep

ㅑ do boolean union all of them

but result is this

I wantt delete two overlapping part ans three overlapping part

all of them

Oh my GOD!!! THANK YOU!!!