Cannot convert loft to surface?


I’m currently working on a project for a grasshopper focused architecture course and I’m having trouble making it so my loft function can convert to surface so I can divide the surface. I’m honestly not very good at grasshopper and if anyone could offer me any alternative methods of adding any patterns or textures to the surface of my tower that would be great. So far I have one alternative using the OcTree function and I need to figure out one more but I am quite stumped and not very good at using grasshopper! Any help would be great!

It seems your curve profiles for loft have some kinks along with them, so It’ll likely to be ended up with a “Brep”, not a sing surface.

You’re better off using Deconstruct Brepat the end and try to apply whatever your pattern on the separated faces(in this case maybe 4 ?)outputs.

Thank you for replying! I used Deconstruct Brep instead but now lines are only appearing on one face of the tower (I attached an image, I’m not very good at this and don’t really understand the language too well sorry ;-:wink: how would I fix this so it appear on all 4 faces?

Try to “Graft” the surface input of Isotrim.