Can I install rhinopbrmaterial in Rhino 7? (or is it already included?)

Sorry to bother you, but I’m struggling to get realistic gold material renders (on white backdrops) and I was wondering if using a pbr material would help.
Should I install your plugin rhinopbrmaterial in Rhino 7?
Thanks for your advice

I’m going to move this topic to the public side, since this does not contain anything confidential, and I prefer questions asked in the public forum. Other users will be able to give their tips and tricks.

For rendering metals please see Rhino 7 Windows - My Render Isn't Displaying Properly - #8 by BrianJ

Don’t install the Rhino PBR material plug-in, it was intended for Rhino 6. The Physically Based material in Rhino 7 is the PBR material to use. PBR materials are not going to help unless you have something useful reflecting in your material. See the video in the post I linked to.