Rhino 7 material library?

I use comment DownloadLibraryTextures in order to download content



Just want to confirm that these material compatible with new renderer in Rhino 7?


They will render, but they are not yet converted to the PBR system. They are all Rhino custom materials.

Once you’ve applied a material from the library you can convert it manually to a PBR material, then tweak as much as you like.

Yes, the material library textures you downloaded can be used in the physically based material type. The easiest thing to do is load a material which will come in as a “Custom” type and then convert that to a “Physically based” (PBR) type with the type drop down list in the material panel. Generally additional changes are needed to the textures as well but this is a fast way to start explore PBR settings.

The option you highlighted is for importing collections of textures often in a Zip folder that are meant to create a PBR material. See Custom Materials vs. Physical Based Materials for more details on the differences between Custom and PBR material types in Rhino 7.

Thank your info