Can I create all of this parametrically?

Hello! Beginner Grasshopper user. I’m a 3D ceramic printer artist and am trying to create forms parametrically.
I want to create gear shapes that stack. Like this:

I created a gh script that creates the rounded teeth of the gear perfectly spaced to fit another set rotated to the midpoints.

I bake these curves and the central curve that the teeth rotate around. In Rhino, I extrude them,cap them and boolean join them (lets call them pregear).

I then bake the teeth curves again, rotate them to center between the points of the pregear. I use the points created in rhino for the points from the divided curve to find the points. I extrude them and make them solid and boolean subtract them from the pregear.

In Rhino I then create a copy and rotate them and raise them about the previous gear.

I really just want to make a wavy curve based on a circle and extrude, rotate and stack.

Is there an easier way?
–Vickie (16.9 KB)

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I made this little Starmaker several years ago as a basis for making multi-pointed star shapes for 3D printed vases, bowls, etc. But it will also make gear-like shapes like you showed:


I’ve used this to make a number of 3D printed bowls, vases, etc. Because it uses Nurbs or Interpolated curves the outer shape is not comprised of circular arcs, so if that’s a requirement for you this will not work. Otherwise it’s easy to make lots of other gear-like shapes. (11.9 KB)


Wow! Thank you so much Joseph! You are a star. I need to study what you did. :star_struck: :smiling_face:

Thank you so much Birk! I’ve got to check out your website! Clay extrusion has it’s own set of challenges!

White group adds a second gear and a knob to rotate both gears to check “teeth” alignment. (23.6 KB)

P.S. I’m not sure why yet but some values of gear count (always even!) clash teeth… :thinking:

Thanks Joseph. It’s actually for a shape of a 3D clay printed vase. Is there a way to make a copy of the gear, move it on top of the existing gear and rotate it?

I made one but did it all manually in Rhino.

I created the gear, copied and rotated it, stacked it above, grouped them and copy pasted it above etc.

I so appreciate your effort in helping me! Thank you!

Yes, of course, that’s easy. What’s the problem?

P.S. This doesn’t resemble your clay printing? And there may be a problem again with my rotation angle? (15.5 KB)


No, that’s perfect! :call_me_hand: It matches perfectly for my clay printing! Gravity makes it look different than a pla print. There’s a plugin called planthopper that makes gears but I couldn’t figure out how to make more rounded shaped teeth. Just an FYI. :grinning:

I don’t see that? Whatever. Note that I updated my post.

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