How might I go about modelling something like this? Parametric?

Any suggestions very welcome.
Never used grasshopper but get the impression that might be the route to take?!
Parametric? boolean? revolved/repeating surface?

The basic shape is simple to model.

Create profile curves for the top and base. The top profile can be modeled using two arc. The base profile can be modeled with a straight lines.

Revolve command.

How about the perforations in the surface?
I’d like to achieve something like this for 3d printing.
The overall shape should be fairly easy, but I need to find a way to evenly distribute all of the holes in the shape to then save as an stl file to print

Hej Miribilist,

Grasshopper is your friend for those kind of perforations ; )

Thought so…
Any pointers to get me started?
Such as the type of process that one might follow?

Best is to check out Grasshopper forums, really. Just search a bit.