Can I create a shell around my many objects?

I do not have any pictures or files currently to upload so I will try to be as descriptive as possible. I have 3 objects that im trying to combine to make one figure for 3d printing. Since the final object has to be one closed object to 3d print i was wondering if there was a way to encase all of my objects inside a shell and that shell be the one closed poly. Ive tried boolean but there are still gaps and voids in the model.
If this isnt enough info ill try to add pics or files later tonight. Thank you

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If I understand what you want, you might try NonmanifoldMerge followed by CreateRegions.

Or maybe NonmanifoldMerge, then remove the extra surfaces.

I’ll try that tonight thank you

Im not sure what that does but my objects apparently are too big (around 295K-300K if you do a :Polygoncount:) it just crashes so I cant even try whatever that does :confused:

The file is around 9,000kb so I can’t upload it but if anyone is willing to take a stab at it shoot me your email. Thanks

Hi Leslie - please use SaveSmall, Zip the resulting file, and then upload it here -

I’ll take a look.


PASCAL!! Hey you helped me with getting this file as small as it is now lol… before, it was…it was very large lol… Uploaded thanks!

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some of the extra pieces im trying to add are messy and dont line up and obviously werent modeled to fit each other so i dont care if parts are missing or whatever just as long as the gist of what it looks like is there so feel free to move, scale, delete whatever doesnt work…

Want to buy :Shrinkwrap: Command!

Depending on the 3d printer, you may not have to merge the pieces. If they inter-penetrate our 3D Systems (ZCorp) 3D printer will print them as one object.

You could also try the 30 day trial of Cadspan Pro. (there’s also a free plug-in for SketchUp but of course you wouldn’t be using that :wink: )


Hi Leslie - your objects need a bit of clean-up still- the meshes have naked and non-manifold edges. I’ll send you back some of it cleaned up and point out one object that needs a bit more work. Then, we can think about how to make them all one thing…



@Pascal just delete all of that… I didnt model that part and its just a mess lol… I uploaded a similar part to replace it. Its part of the theme/Logo I am using

Hi Leslie- yeah, you need a shrink wrapper- you can find all the gaps and split up the meshes and repair ‘by hand’ but I can tell you it will be extremely tedious. e.g. on the mask, the entire inside surface is not needed and is painful to extract. Undoubtedly, some better mesh tools in Rhino can help, but for your immediate needs, I think you’ll need to use all of the mesh extraction tools and splitting tools and tons of patience if you are going to do this in plain Rhino.


No worries…Ill sit with it and try to doctor it up.

This model was from something/someone else so I may just take it and use it as a reference and remodel a replica over it…but a clean one this time.

Thanks again to everyone for the advice I think Ill stop bothering you all…for now!

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@leslie - I might remodel the mask and the parts that attach to it,as one object solid, except leave the perimeter open and make it fully intersect the face - that is, the open edge inside the face mesh. Leave the back/inside surfaces of the mask out altogether, include the outer surface of the lenses/eye covers. There there is a chance you can trim it into the existing mesh there. I found some messiness on the figure, I did clean that up- I’ll send it along.