Combining two shell objects into one

Hey all, I am creating a concept amplifier for a Uni project.
I have 2 shelled objects, an inner shell that will hold a mobile phone and an organic outer shell that will hold LED lighting to protrude through the filigree work.

It looks good enough to render now but the idea is that this should also be able to be 3D printed so it needs to become one object.

  1. I need to merge the outer shell with the inner shell
  2. I need to cap off the curved sections as well and make the cap 2 mm thick. I only want to close the curved end sections though so that light can not escape in that area. I only want light to come through the filigree openings. The inner tube needs to stay open though so that I can place an object inside.

I am a bit stumped on what to do next, If anyone can supply me with suggestions on how to accomplish this, I would be much obliged :smile:

Sorry there has been no reply to your post. It’s difficult to offer solutions without an example model to work from.