Change default location of 3dmbak files?

Is there any possibility to change the default location where the backup files are saved?

I want to keep the files, but when working on a server I prefer to have the files locally to save space on the server.

Hi Mirko - 3dmBak files are written as part of the save process, so basically they have to go in the same folder. Rhino writes these anyway when saving, but with the 3dmbak support turned on, the file is not deleted but renamed. Autosave files are written the to local drive by default.


Thanks Pascal!
We will use Autosave only then.


That’s not going to work if you also want to keep the files (as per your initial post).
The Autosaved file is removed when you successfully close your model.

Yes, you are right. And this was my first thought as well.
However I had made good experience with goodsync. I will try to set up a routine that always copies files in a second backup folder whenever an autosave file is created. That way I would always have a local copy of the last autosave-state of any rhino file.