Can I change angle units from degrees to radians?

Actually, by default Rhino uses a mix of units for measuring angles. Try for example creating a line to:


One does not get a 90° line. This is inconsistent!

Also, sometimes I would like to quickly copy angles to or from applications that work with radians. Being able to switch all angles to radians in Rhino would make life easier.

Hmm yeah, I see… I’ve never run across that but I tend to agree, input ought to be in degrees everywhere. I’ll add it to the heap. Thanks for pointing it out.


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Thanks, Pascal!

If there was an option to switch angle units from degrees to radians, that would be highly appreciated as well. Though I understand, if I am the only one ever requesting this in the life time of Rhino, then priority will be very low. :wink:

Hello - You can do that now by typing in ‘radians’, but you do have to specify

e.g. Line 0 r<asin(1)radians

That may be enough… But the buglet that I see is that the number coming out of asin(1) is in radians and actually maybe that is perfectly fine, it’s just that the command line has no context (that I know of) that would accept radians ‘tout court’ , without the units specified.


Surely you mean:

Line 0 1<asin(1)radians

Anyhow, this is a nice solution for that issue! What remains:

Is there any way to get the Angle command report angles in radians?

(to copy them to another application)