Rotation using Degree Minute Seconds

Hi, I was hoping to get someone to validate something I’ve noticed when using the Rotate command in Rhino.

I’ve been using the Rotate command line inputting the angles in Degree Minute Second format rather than decimal degrees. I’m putting in a site boundary based on a survey which is all dimensioned using the DMS notation.

I’ve been following advice from here:

I have noticed when rotating clockwise by a ‘negative’ angle It gives a different result from the original position.
i.e. when asked to enter the angle in the command line and I type (221d41’30") it rotates a different amount to (-221d41’30"). Can someone confirm this is also the case for them or perhaps I’m incorrectly using this feature?

Screen capture attached showing different outcomes.
Line A was rotated by 221d49’30"
Line B was rotated by -221d49’30"

On the chance, it’s not my system setup perhaps the command line is parsing the ‘negative’ only to the first portion of the angle and not applied to the minutes and seconds?

For reference my set up as follows:
Rhino 6 SR 7
Windows 10 x64

That is a bug. I think your speculation is right.

Thanks for the response Lowell.

RH-50479 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate