Can Grasshopper produce the organic shapes of a tree trunk?

Hello all,

After watching Grasshopper’s introductory videos on, I’m still unsure if Grasshopper can (or should) be used for what I want to do. I’m trying to create organic looking trees (just trunk and branches, no leaves). So far I’ve been able to create reasonable approximations to what I want in Rhino simply by drawing curves and using the Pipe command. What I’d like to do now is extract surfaces from the pipes I’ve created and then slightly move every control point of those surfaces so that they’re not so uniformly round. Is this something Rhino can help me do and, if so, could you point me towards the functions I should learn about?

Thank you for your time. (17.6 KB)

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here’s a detail of a tree I 3D scanned a while ago…

WasSub-D… :slight_smile:

Check this you will need to apply some displacement on mesh

What scanner did you use for this? And what is the purpose for scanning trees?

Used my Artec Leo.

So far, scanning trees for no specific reason other than documenting weird and wonderful natural creations.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!